MATERIALS: Royal yellow marble, bronze, glass

YEAR: 2014

SIZE: 50x20x110 cm

In the second work of the series Vizi Capitali, a man holds his precious belongings close to him, symbolically represented by gold coins and colorful gems. The leaning position of the figure, in the act of protecting and hiding the material goods, conceals an enmeshed hand: Is it the stingy man who owns and safeguards his possessions, or are the latter to have the power over man?

As it occurred to me while creating this sculpture, I thought that also an external viewer could have incurred in some thoughts before the man’s enmeshed hand: is the represented figure hiding or trying to free itself from the material goods?

The gold-colored bronze hair recall one of the possible destinies of those who sin of avarice: becoming King Midas.